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AMCO Security Limited incorporates The Alarm Monitoring Company and is a thoroughbred UK company that has built up a reputation over the last 20 years for providing real security through its specialist audio monitored burglar alarms, integrated CCTV and access control systems.

In addition to providing a high level of first line intruder deterrence with high visibility burglar alarm boxes, cameras and security warning signs which, uniquely, offer £1,000 reward for information leading to convictions, the company also provides 2nd line deterrence through its immediate response audio system. This has proved amazingly successful in that, over 20 years, every single intruder has quickly made their escape from the premises once they have been challenged over a loudspeaker. No one has stayed long enough to steal anything serious, whilst some of the slower ones have been apprehended by the police.

AMCO's real security provides maximum deterrence and enables the police to maximise arrests

In the 12 months to 30th April 2016 the company deterred 106 intruders from taking anything and in the same period alerted the police to arrest 107 felons. These included intruders, robbers, vandals and violent attackers, for in addition to anti-burglar alarms and CCTV, AMCO security systems include emergency "panic" buttons designed to get immediate help in any type of emergency.

The company covers the whole of the UK from Lands End to Aberdeen, and Holyhead to Flamborough Head with teams of Security Engineers based in major conurbations throughout the UK. AMCO operates like a military organisation with its teams being controlled from two major control centres using the latest communication devices, from London for the South and from company HQ for the North.

AMCO alarm box

Burglar Alarms for Business - To protect your equipment, your stock and your property you need a system that provides real security. 24/7 Alarm monitoring with immediate live response is the only real solution.

AMCO Information Reward

Domestic Intruder Alarms - To protect your family, your valuables and your property and to give everyone in the family complete peace of mind 24/7 you need an integrated audio monitored alarm system that gets immediate help when needed.

AMCO Panic Button

Emergency Support - as part of an alarm system to protect people you need a "panic" alarm that provides immediate support - police, ambulance or fire service. With the AMCO system, because we talk to you, you can press the button even if just worried and ask us to listen in whilst you check things. You don't have to wait until it is too late.

AMCO Smoke Detector

Fire Warning - AMCO does not install fire alarms. We install fire warning systems - monitored smoke and heat detectors. These not only warn you when you are in the property, they also call the fire service when no one is present. This protects you and your property 24/7.


CCTV Systems - AMCO CCTV systems are normally integrated with your alarm system so that in addition to recording all events on your site, business or home, they are all monitoring enabled to ensure full peace of mind and additional security.

AMCO Access Contol Unit

Access Control - Ensuring that only the right people are allowed access to your business, areas of your business and your home is becoming increasingly necessary. AMCO can advise on, provide and install systems that suit all needs from simple door entry systems to high security units.

Real security used to be a Bobby's job - but now it needs our hi-tech help

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